Thursday, June 7, 2012

Betty and the Spring Babies

Betty hatched four of the eggs she had been sitting on. There are two Cochins and two chipmunky ones. The chipmunks I am unsure of. They are either Easter Eggers or Wyandottes or one of each. All I know right now is they are so darn cute!




Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wandering Wednesday – The Dockyard, Bermuda

We just returned from spending some time in Bermuda. This week we’ll visit the Naval Dockyard with it’s old fort and museum. My picture taking was a little lax this trip. I kept staring at how blue the ocean was.




ooh look at the tug boats! Wait! What’s that on the battlements?


Sheep! The natural lawnmowers :)


We also saw a family of bantam chickens. Husband spotted them first. What a guy! They were too fast to pose for a picture for me though. Hope you’ve enjoyed our sunny Wandering Wednesday :)

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