Island Life

Martha's Vineyard is a lovely place to live. The people who live here year round are a friendly caring community of real, hard working people. I try to share some of beauty of the real island.

Scalloping  10/6/2012

Going Scalloping 10/5/2012

Beach Plum Jelley 10/1/2012

A Summer Sight 9/5/2012 

Island Scenes - Eel Pond

Peaked Hill 4/22/12

A Special Visit 4/21/12

Great Rock Bight - 3/18/12

Winter Arrives - 1/23/12

North Neck, Chappaquiddick 1/8/12

Christmas in Edgartown 2012

Oak Bluffs at Christmas 2012

Winter Farmer's Market 10/25/11

Squibnocket 8/28/11

Christiantown 8/7/11


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