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Saturday was a beautiful day. Where has winter gone? It’s a little scary how mild the winter has been. It was a good day to go over to Chappy. I had an appointment at an estate sale early and then took advantage of being over there and visited some of the walking trails owned by the Land Bank. It’s kind of expensive to go over. A 2 minute ferry trip is $12 round trip and only includes the driver. If you add anyone it’s an additional $4 per person round trip. That can add up. So when I go over, I try to take full advantage of being there.

Chappaquiddick is covered in scrub oak, cedar, and scrub pine. Especially in the winter, it feels very windswept and barren. Like it is sleeping. This time I visited the North Neck preserve. North Neck is the bit that sticks up into Cape Pogue Bay. There’s a trail that goes to the Harbor side and one that goes to the Bay side. I did both.

Map picture

We’ll start on the harbor side. After driving down a long long dirt road there’s a little parking area and a sign pointing to a woodchip path that goes uphill. It can be quite a climb, but the view and the stiff sea breeze in your face when you get to the top of the bluff is worth it.

P1030023 (2)





The bay side is calmer. It’s quite shallow in the bay and it’s a very good place to go scalloping. Most of the commercially sold scallops from Edgartown come from Cape Pogue Bay.




P1030041 (2)


I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to Chappaquiddick today. The estate sale was a mixed bag. I did get an anchor for the dinghy though.


  1. I totally enjoyed the tour! Beautiful country.

  2. just beautiful! It was 56 degrees yesterday in central MA. I remember when I was in high school, oh 25 years ago we had a few winters like this. I remember playing basket ball outside almost all winter. Crazy weather cycles. I could go for some snow.

  3. sounds like you had a good time. We haven,t really gotten a winter here either. Great pictures.

  4. Gorgeous! One day maybe we can go together!

  5. Dr.Momi, I'm happy you enjoyed your visit. Thank you.

    Cake Chick, I love snow and hope we get some soon. Not too much, but a good few inches would be nice.

    Michelle, it's very peaceful here this time of year. Someday the winter will return.

    Tilly's Nest, Perhaps for grape picking in the fall, if it's a good year. There are some great grape spots over there and less people. This year was horrible.

    Thanks for visiting ladies :)

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    I was looking for blogs about Chappaquiddick to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!


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