They grow up so fast…

Can you hear your mom now? P1020151I can. Percy is getting so big. She started life in August in a mail order batch of eggs from a nice woman in Georgia. They were Lavender Orpingtons and I was so excited. I bought them for Betty who goes broody almost as much as a Silkie. She’s got a mean stinkeye, but she’s a great hatcher. She has never bitten me. Some screeching, but a nice pet to smooth her feathers and a “good Betty” and she calms down. She let’s me check the eggs and is good about leaving the nest and keeping herself fed and taking potty breaks.

Percy was born in early September. Cute as a button, but the only one to hatch out of a dozen eggs. Betty stayed on the rest of the eggs determined in vain. When I took the duds away, it was like they were never there and she was very happy with Percy.


She then proceeded in growing like a weed.

3ish weeks. Betty saying “back off” to someone. I started thinking maybe she was a boy with the ginormous feet.


Doris became co-mom and started helping out Betty at about week 6 or 7. Still thought perhaps boy at this point. But no crowing. So still optimistic. Look at the honkin legs on her.


8 weeks. Growing into legs. Started to think girl.


10 weeks. Gave up on the boy idea completely.


Then the  holidays happened. So this weekend at 16ish weeks. I give you the shot next to Betty who is a BIG chicken for comparison. Also that’s where we started. Next to Betty.


She’s so big and such a pretty color. I have a feeling she’s going to be as big or bigger than Betty when she’s finally done growing. She’s already as big as Nike and Aphrodite who are 4 months older. We are so lucky that the one and only chick to hatch is a girl. I expect eggs from her in February hopefully.

It just amazes me that she came from an egg. I know, that’s how it works. I’m still amazed.


  1. It is amazing when you think abt it. We used to have chickens when I was growing up and I loved them, loved gatthering eggs,feeding them the whole nine yards! your young chicken is very pretty ! Blessings Jane

  2. I love these pictures! yes they do grow so fast! My son really wants to hatch some eggs, but with 16 hens, I just can't go there at this time.

    I am still amazed at the entire miracle of it all too!

  3. Thx for visiting my blog...I love chickens. I want to get a couple of chicks for freash brown eggs, but my husband says I find the whole chicken raising very interesting.

  4. Jane, Maybe someday you'll have more.

    Cake Chick, we all have our limits. I think 16 would be enough for me too.

    Dr. Momi, Thank you. The lavender color is fairly new and still being perfected. It fits right in with what has turned out to be my black and white flock :)

    Jayne, Thanks for visiting. My husband had to be convinced too ;)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting ladies!

  5. What a pretty girl your Percy is and what a good mom Betty is! My Buff Orpingtons were born the beginning of October and the roosters are just now starting to crow! I love it and I can't wait for eggs!

  6. Percy is so cute and what a great Mama Betty is. I am so glad you shared this post. Makes me wanna get a few hens again... You're right too, Percy DID have huge feet until she grew into them. Haha. Have a wonderful day and I am so glad you shared on the Country Homemaker Hop. I look forward to your next post.


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