The Northeastern Poultry Congress


This weekend January 14th and 15th is the Northeastern Poultry Congress. Who’s going!?! It will be in Springfield MA at the Big E fairgrounds. 

According to sources on Backyard (BYC) there will be 262 exhibitors and there have been 2722 entries. It will be so exciting to see all the different kinds of poultry and what they are supposed to look like. It will be my first time going and I have a feeling it will be like my first time in Ikea. A little overwhelming. Overload ADHD sets in. Ooh look at that! Oh that’s cute! Can you believe that! Ooh I want one! But, I will be all by myself and I have  the whole day, so I can take my time and be methodical about it. Take a deep breath now and then, take lots of pictures, and a notebook.

I have resolved to not bring anyone home. It’s too hard to add just one or two to an established flock. I have found letting a broody hatch some eggs and having her integrate the babies is easiest and least stressful for all involved. Unless they are a loudmouth like this one was. That doesn’t mean that I  won’t be  getting ideas of what eggs to buy next time. I am hoping  to get some local egg contacts so I don’t have to deal with the whole eggs in the mail hassle. Also, I will have seen samples of their birds so I know what I am getting. Unlike the internet, when you don’t always quite know.

If anyone is going, I have volunteered at the BYC table from 4-5pm on Saturday to answer people’s chicken questions. I look forward to meeting a lot of chicken people, having a good time, and learning a lot of stuff. If anyone wants to stop by and say hi, I would love to meet you. I have included a link in the picture if anyone would like more information on the Congress. They have a great website. Just click on the rooster in the jaunty hat :)


  1. I will be there too! I am not sure what time. Maybe we will run into each other :)

    Have fun!!~Melissa

  2. We are planning on going Saturday afternoon. We just got the McMurray Hatchery catalog and my son wants to see some different breads in person and see what the junior showing is all about. We will look for you! Sounds like a fun afternoon thanks for posting about it, I had no idea. We are only about 45 minutes away there.

  3. Yay! Sounds like quite a poultry happening.


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