Ahh Peace at Last

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We rehomed Betty’s baby yesterday to a lovely family. The whole family came to pick her up and the young girl loved her at first sight. They had eight chickens but had a raccoon attack and only two had survived. They are trying to rebuild the flock and assured me that they had made new security measures to protect against the raccoons.

Peace has fallen over the flock. The baby caused so much turmoil. Betty and Doris are usually best buds, but baby was terrified of Doris so Betty would chase her away whenever she came near. Doris was confused and angry and would take it out on the girls by then chasing them. The baby peeped constantly and loudly all the time. Like a little car alarm.

It is all gone.

It’s like it never happened.

Ten minutes after baby left the whole flock was free ranging together peacefully in the back yard. Everyone was getting along. This morning the only sound from the coop was Betty’s egg song precisely at 7:00am.

I wish we could have kept the baby. She was a Blue Splash Marans and her feathering was coming in so nicely. She was our first hatch and I was very attached. But, she has gone to a nice home and the quiet is so nice.


  1. Your chickens are so sweet! Glad to see you live so close :)


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