Pickles and Peas

Today’s farmer’s market was crazy. I usually show up right before they ring the bell at 9am. This gives me time to chat with some of the farmers while I purchase before the summer people show up around 9:30. It’s in and out before 9:15. You get the best produce and the most variety first thing in the morning too. Well today was mayhem even early. All the people with the cameras. Pushy too. I have learned not to let these people ruin my morning. I floated through and still greeted each farmer and was patient. Today we got shelling peas, cucumbers, red onions, white onions, new potatoes, garlic buds, little summer squash, and some dill for pickles….

P1000680 (2)

This morning after the market and some stops at various yard sales I buckled down and made dill spears. There being no garlic bulbs yet, I used buds. We’ll see how that works. They look pretty in the jars at least. For dill spears I use the “Quick Dill Pickles” recipe from Pickles and Relishes by Andrea Chesman. I have found it an easy and adaptable recipe and have had good results with it. For rounds I use the “Burger Chips” recipe and it has also had great success. I think the secret of that one is the sitting in salt for 3 hours before hand. It draws some of the moisture out of the rounds and comes out a snappy chip instead of saggy.

I also shelled, blanched and froze a bowl of shelling peas. Should have probably bought more. I always forget how little you get for the bulk of the shells.

P1000681 P1000683

A little before and after of the peas.

So, I think we are a little more prepared for winter now. In other news we have run out of apple sauce. It just tells me I have to make more this year and I will have to be more creative with the pork chops and the baking ‘til fall. 



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