Weekend Treasures


This weekend yielded some useful and fabulous treasures. Let’s start in the front.

The classic pyrex pie plate for two. I have one other that size and a girl cannot have too many pie plates. This one is a size smaller than standard and is perfect for dessert for the two of us. Pies and crumbles look so much prettier in a glass plate. The ones in the middle are single serving and all frilly! I have never seen them before. Supercute!

 p1000685 (2)   

The basket is a different shape than any other I have. (and I have a lot) It will be perfect for beach plum picking or bringing a bottle of wine with some nibbles to a concert in the park or beach side sunset. I don’t think it would be good for some of the tender fruits like blackberries or blueberries. It’s too deep and the ones on the bottom would get crushed. I have other baskets for that.

Last but not least I got this great green lantern. I think it’s a carriage lantern of some sort. It was filthy when I bought it, which helped me get a great price. It had a brand new wick and looks like it has never been used. It’s fully functional all knobs and hinges work great.



This will make my gas lantern count at two and help for being prepared for any loss of electricity. We live on an island and though we don’t loose electricity often it can and has happened in extreme weather.

Can you see the chickens in the background? That’s Aphrodite and Nike. They feel that if they are not in the picture it’s not worth taking. I got all this for under $8.


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