Happy Independence Day

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The darling husband and I packed a basket and sat on a bench along the beach side in Oak Bluffs. We waited until dark munching and chatting with the people gathered around us. Discussed the midgies and if they were worse this year than others and watched young people have skipping rock competitions and light sparklers.
At 9pm the spectacle began. I thought it may have been too foggy but the Edgartown fireworks were quite clear. Also from our vantage point we could see all the fireworks on the Cape from Falmouth, which was quite close and we could feel the big booms, to Hyannis off in the distance and all the towns in between. It is a wonder that all these people are celebrating with you and it makes you feel so small but part of something so much bigger.

I celebrate and am thankful to all that have protected our rights and freedoms.

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( I was trying the fireworks feature on the new camera. They are like little abstract paintings)


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