A Failure and a Book

This week for the Preparedness Challenge I planned to try my hand at butter. I went to Mermaid Farm on my Saturday up island jaunt and they were out of fresh milk. Coming out of the shed, I ran into Mr. Healy the farmer with a fresh batch of milk in the back of his truck. He said it would be about 20 minutes or so to bottle and he would fill the fridge. I came back later to a stocked fridge and took home two half gallons of fresh raw milk. Today I skimmed off the cream and tried whipping it up into butter. It was a HORRIBLE failure. Horrible… Horrible. <shiver>

Looking back I think I was too anxious to whip. I should have waited a few days. I will try again with next weeks milk and will not be defeated.

So not to contribute nothing this week, I would like to share one of my favorite books for being prepared for whatever may come. It is a very large book called: “Country Wisdom & Know How – Everything you need to know to live off the Land”

On the front it claims to have “8,167 Useful skills and step-by-step instructions” and I really think it does. It has a large animal section dogs, cats, birds, and farm animals. It tells you how to dispatch and process several different kinds of farm animals and then it tells you how to cook them in the cooking section. There is a rather large herb section with uses and how to grow. The Cooking section covers game, cheese, preserving, pickling, distilling, bread, and even ice cream and frozen yogurt. Gardening covers vegetables, fruits, and herbs and soil maintenance and preparation. There are also sections on Health, Crafts, and Home Maintenance which also includes fences, orchards and outbuildings. It is definitely an important book in my reference library.

( I should say that I am not benefiting financially  in anyway by sharing my love for this book.)



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