Friday Finds – 1/6/12

So..I thought I would start a new segment with the new year and feature cute things I find in my explorations and wanderings through Etsy each week. Each one will have a theme and an Etsy treasury to correspond. For the inauguration week the theme will be ……Chickens! I know your all shocked. You can click on the picture and it will take you to the listing. Enjoy!


Dominique Chicken Stencil 2 Overlays - Easy wall Decor with Stencils - Kitchen decor

Chicken Address Stamp, Custom Made Rubber Stamps- 5201

I have this stamp and I love it! It goes on everything in the mail.

Custom Made Cute Crocheted Chicken Baby Mobile

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my Friday Finds. To see more please visit the treasury.


  1. I am enjoying all your cool finds. Love the stamp!

  2. I also have a lot of chicken things. The picture of the chicken on the wall surprised me. I thought it was two decorating chickens. On second glace I realized one was real.

  3. I love that chicken wall sticker! Every farmhouse should have one!


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