Winter has arrived…..

Finally ! I love snow it makes winter so bright! It snowed all day Saturday and we ended up with about 8” or so. The Husband took our 4 wheel drive car to work and I stayed home and baked while the snow fell. I made my mom’s chocolate chip cookies and maple walnut bread and will share them in a future post. Probably tomorrow. I should get a picture of those cookies before they all disappear.

The chickens definitely do not like snow and they told me all kinds of stories when I went to visit them. We had taken the lattice down from the side of the run when Athena died and I didn’t realize how much weather it kept out. We are going to have to do something before it snows again. I do have some heavy plastic, but we tried that one year and it just blew off no matter how many nails or staples or bales of hay we used to hold it. I have a large collection of old windows I collected when making the new house. Maybe I will try something with them.

Anywho, I took a ride Sunday and took some pictures. I enjoy the quiet solitude we have here in the winter. It seems everything is at rest.






Below is my favorite soft serve window. They have chocolate peanut butter dip! Yep, it’s like your ice cream cone is dipped in a peanut butter cup! Yum. Not today though.










I seem to have ended up with a fishermen’s snow day theme. In Menemsha there is a lobster boat for sale by the road. On the sign it says “Surprise your wife. Buy her a lobster boat for Christmas!” Nobody took his idea to heart by the fact that the boat is still there. Can’t say he didn’t try though :)


  1. Beautiful Pics! Maple walnut bread sounds yummy!

  2. The island looks lovely, off season. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to the choc chip recipe & pics!


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