Wandering Wednesday – Rainforest of Puerto Rico

The rainforest of Puerto Rico is warm and humid. It smells fresh and clean like the garden after it rains. There are a lot of recognizable houseplants in ginormous sizes. It’s interesting seeing them in their natural habitats.
A prime example is this fern. That is a bus behind the lower right corner.
P1000746 (2)
P1000747 (2)
P1000732 (2)
P1000750 (2)
I loved the snails
P1000727 (2) 
P1000737 (2)
I hope you’ve enjoyed the rainforest today. This will be my last full post for a while. I am going on vacation. Woooo! I may send some pics along if I can. Need to add to the coffers for future Wandering Wednesdays :D


  1. Have a wonderful vacation. The pics were wonderful to look at on this cold NE morning.


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