The Camelot of Baking….

Sunday I picked up my sister and we drove 2.5 hrs to Norwich, Vermont, where it was a balmy 2 degrees, for a four hour winter soup and bread class at …….King Arthur Flour. The temperature gauge in the car did hit –3 passing Whaleback Mountain going up Rte. 89.There was also snow on the ground. Plowable snow! I haven’t seen any snow this winter. I love snow.
I digress.
We were at King Arthur!
and they fed us snacks of fresh baguettes, raisin bread, and beverages.
Our teacher for the day was Bonny and she had a wonderful assistant Cindy who I didn’t get a picture of, but she was always there with what you needed. This is Bonny teaching us to fluff the flour before measuring. First we made a heart of winter loaf.
While those were rising we made two soups which I was so busy prepping and paying attention, I didn’t take any pictures. I did take pictures of the finished product at the end. We then prepped the bread for the oven…egg whites, seeds….P1030292 score.
We then made cornmeal biscuits of which mine were not very successful. We deduced that perhaps I didn’t use enough cream. hmm…. Anywho, I will try again at home and see what develops. Finally, after all the preparing and learning and such we got to enjoy the rewards of hard work..
P1030315 Hungarian Mushroom Soup                                      Smoked Chicken SoupP1030320(2) P1030321(2)
My very own Heart of Winter Loaf
We had a great time and learned so much. There were so many tips and scientific information as to why certain things go before other things and how ingredients interact. Bonny and Cindy were really personable and you could tell they really liked what they do. We will definitely be back and when we do, I’ll be sure to share it.
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  1. I love this post. Beautifully written and photographed:). I would love to go someday:)

  2. I love this post too! I am so excited for you. How neat that you can take classes from King Arthur's. Your Heart of Winter loaf looks so professional. Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. What nice comments! Thank you. We really had a nice time.


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