Great Rock Bight

Great Rock Bight is a nature preserve on the west side of the island. It’s located down a long, windy, easy to miss dirt road and has a few paths to hike that meander through the woods and one that goes down to the beach. For those that don’t know, a “bight” is a curve in the seashore. Not quite a cove or harbor, but somewhat sheltered. Great Rock Bight is just that, a beachy area that is a little sheltered by cliffs and rocks.

It is a beautiful spot, but to go to the beach, one has to be in good shape. The beach is down a big hill, which doesn’t seem that bad until after you’ve hiked down there, walked the beach, and then are ready to return. The whole way back is uphill. Up a steep hill. Bring water and know your limits. Stop for breaks at the conveniently positioned benches. I really can’t imagine families go there in the summer with the heat and all the gear, spend the day at the beach, and then climb that hill.

I digress, the songbirds were all in full song today and as I approached the beach the breeze picked up a bit and the sounds of gently crashing waves and seagulls joined them to complete the symphony of island sounds. 







P1040266  P1040270 







I eventually made it back up the hill after some huffing and puffing and resting on the handy benches : )


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