Saturday was a great shopping day. My sister joined me for the whole day bouncing around from one errand to another. I came home with a full car and an empty wallet.

Sunday, I went down into the basement to put some things away and found quite a sight. You see, I don’t go into that section of the basement that often, just a quick run down for some chicken treats in the morning which are near the door in metal trash cans. We had some unwelcome visitors that had left their “evidence” everywhere. They had also chewed through the tubing that goes outside from the dehumidifier so everything was wet too. Fortunately it was mostly all waterproof goods canned tuna and such, but the back up bags of chicken food were ruined. So I spent all day scrubbing the basement, fixing the tubing, and setting out “gifts” for the critters. I wish my neighbor would come back with their outdoor cat. They moved to another neighborhood for the winter. Anna would’ve never let this happen. Needless to say all of my pantry items for the basement are now sitting in my tiny living room waiting for the all clear. Stinkin critters.


  1. Oh how frustrating! I hope you clear out the varmints fast!


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