The price of eggs


As you all know Persy started laying on Sunday.  Well she also started screaming like she was being tortured for no apparent reason in the morning. The other chickens just ignore her and look at me when I come running as if to say “It’s just Persy, she’s fine”. All I can think is that the egg is moving through the system and it feels weird to her. She’s does not seem to be in pain. But, it’s quite annoying. Any ideas? Will she get used to it and settle down? Or is she just crazy? I’m leaning toward crazy. None of the other girls ever did anything like this.


  1. LOL....probably just a proud Mama :-)

  2. Sorry can't help. Mine have never done that.

  3. Indeed....I would squawk if i were to lay an egg...the size of my head

  4. I have one Silkie that can make an awful amount of ruckus. I swear she is narrating the entire adventure of the egg from the start down the tract, to the nesting box and into my hand. I can so relate. The only thing I find is a treat distraction, like an entire apple tossed in the run, seems to quiet her down :)

    1. I will have to try that. I tried some sunflower seeds, but that only stopped her for so long. A bigger treat is a good idea. Thanks :)


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