Happy Spring!

To celebrate the first day of spring the chickens had their first five egg day. Yep! That’s right! Nike finally realized she was a hen and at the age of 11 months (yes you read that right. She was born the third week in April last year!).


Of course she couldn’t lay in the nest box, no that would be too normal. She dug herself a big hole in the leaves around the chimney and layed there. I think the nest box intimidates her. It will be like an Easter egg hunt everyday :)

It seemed all of nature was heralding spring today. I saw the first oystercatcher. He is a couple of weeks early I think. The songbirds were boisterous all day and all the summer birds will show up soon. I took advantage of the balmy weather and sat outside this evening absorbing the smells of spring, the songs of the pinkletinks, and the low moan of the fog horn.

Happy Spring.  


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