Chicken Chat – The “wind” egg


Someone layed a “wind” egg today aka a “cock”, “dwarf”, or “fart” (hehe) egg. The only one I can rule out is Betty, who’s ginormous egg is on the right. The rest of them all lay similar colored eggs, so it’s hard to rule anyone out. The one on the top is a bit deformed which is in line with a Nike egg. The small ends of her eggs are a little wonky, like she gets disturbed mid-lay. She’s started to lay in the egg box, but she’s still nervous about it.

A wind egg happens when a piece of egg white gets the whole egg treatment in the hen’s system. It goes through the whole process of being wrapped in a membrane and then a shell, all without a yolk. They are not too common of an occurrence. At least in our little flock.


Hmm…wonder who the culprit is.


  1. I found one that was the size of a peanut m&m . I didn't know what caused it, till now .Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hi Michelle, Happy to have helped solve your mystery :)


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