Those Things. Ya know. Those Things.


“Those Things” are an old family recipe that lost their name long ago. We just call them “things”.  The recipe came from my great grandmother and has been passed down. I don’t know if it’s any older than that. My grandmother taught me how to make them when I was a teenager. She doesn’t make them anymore due to the issues that develop in old age. An aunt has taken the role of official holiday “thing” maker. Someday, I think it will be my turn. It’s always good to practice.

Ingredient wise they are simple, shortening, sugar, flour, eggs. But, they take some time and effort, so I don’t make them too often. I have been spending a lot of time at work lately and Husband has been so helpful around the house. He’s been tending to the animals and making sure we have something for dinner. I had some time tonight and made some just for him.

P1040357The first layer is like a cross between a piecrust and a sugar cookie. It gets patted down and evened out to make a good solid first base.

The second layer is chocolate chips and sometimes walnuts if I have them, but don’t tell granma.They have to get squished into the bottom layer evenly.

The third layer takes the most time. It is a meringue of egg whites and brown sugar that if done right melts on the tongue when baked. Today it was a bit cloudy out. The meringue was crispy and airy just not as lofty as it could be.  

Does anyone else have a name for these? I have seen similar recipes, but just like the chocolate chip cookies, never the same one.

Husband will be very excited in the morning when he sees these waiting for him :)



  1. Sorry can't help. I have a family recipe that also didn't have a name. We let the kids rename it. It's scare the names they can come up with.

  2. Don't know the name either, but those "things" look awesome!!

  3. It is an age old mystery. The whole batch has already disappeared ;)


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