Chicken Chat – It’s Spring!

Well not quite officially, but after the full worm moon we are in the home stretch right? Doris started laying again Tuesday. Yes Doris, our big ole Coronation Sussex. She not an everyday layer. But, once she starts after a break it’s at least an every other or third day occurrence. So this leaves Nike, the low chicken on the totem pole, the only girl not laying.

Aphrodite doesn’t like sharing the nest box. Husband said there was a lot of yelling Tuesday where she was trying to kick everyone out of the house. She waited so long that I guess she just couldn’t hold it anymore. I found it on the back steps, still warm, shortly after Husband let them out of the run. Hopefully she will learn to share, or at least lay when someone else is in the house. We have one box that’s two chickens wide. The other girls don’t have issue sharing.

Though things seem to be warming up, the other night was a bit chilly so I threw the girls some cracked corn on the patio before bed. This is a special treat. Corn is like candy to them, all carbs no nutritional value. The theory is that their bodies will stay warmer while they are digesting the corn overnight. It may be true or not, but I feel better sometimes throwing them a hand full. It was a feeding frenzy and everyone was going for the best best pieces. Nike was just trying to get some and stay out of the way at the same time. You may see a lot of paraphernalia in the background on the patio. I had to take some things, like the lawnmower, out of the basement for the big clean and they were still hanging out outside.




P1030971 Watch out Nike!

P1030972 Whew that was close! Aphrodite saw that.

P1030974 Doris, your such a meany sometimes.


Update on the basement situation. The “gifts” I left out were all moved the next day, they haven’t moved since nor have I seen any “evidence”. I went through Wednesday afternoon armed with a can of expanding foam insulation and plugged all the holes I could find, even if they were teeny tiny. Hopefully, this will be an end to any unwelcome visitors. 


  1. Pretty girls! I hope you get your basement visitor. Maybe you can borrow a shelter cat?

    1. Kathy, I think we got them. If I were to "borrow" a cat, I would probably get attached and never return it. Thanks for visiting :)

  2. Persephone is gorgeous. Love the color!

    1. Thank you Alana Jo. I love that lavender color too. She loves to hog the camera :)

  3. Happy Friday!
    I love looking at all of your ladies. They're so pretty. Persephone sure is a pretty color, and Aphrodite looks like a tween.

    I sure hope your basement visitor evicted itself for good. We haven't had field mice in years (crossing my fingers so I don't jinx myself). I think all the neighbor cats that seem to live in my yard are the reason. I am really allergic to cats, but I still sometimes steal a hug or pet. They're like tiny lions and tigers. You're right, once you're around one you don't want to give em up. They've got such great personalities. Have a great weekend.


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