Persephone Laid an Egg!


Yay Persy! For those that don’t know Persy’s story, she started life as a fertilized egg for very broody Betty in August. And she is now laying her own little eggs. She started squatting for me last week and has been more boisterous than usual the last few days. This morning, everyone was outside in the yard and she was missing. I looked everywhere and finally found her in the nest box. Of course, once she saw me she assumed it was treat time and came running from the empty nest box.

I went back inside and came out a couple of hours later after I heard a large racket outside and there it was. A tiny pale egg, still warm, waiting in the nest box. You can see how tiny it is compared to her adopted mama Betty’s egg.




I have said this before, but the circle of life amazes me. Maybe now that the youngest is laying, it will urge some of the older girls to get a move on.


  1. Dropped by to welcome you as the newest follower to my blog, Hoof 'n Barrel, and ...well, I like it here. I'm following you now and will be back regularly.

    Love that little egg scale, by the way. Old tools/gadgets are the best, aren't they?!


    1. Thanks for visiting and deciding to join us. That egg scale I finally found, after a long search, at the flea market from someone who didn't know what a treasure they really had :)

  2. That's why they call them flea markets, I guess. You've got to look close and grab 'em up fast, or you'll miss out! LOL


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