Chicken Chat with the Girls

Saturday was so nice. The girls were out all day scratching and pecking. Betty couldn’t decide where they wanted to settle. I was outside for about 20 minutes with them and she kept leading them to different sections of the yard. It was like she had ADD. They would come over and say hi, then go over to the wood pile, then they would come back, and then go over to the compost pile, then the side yard, then near the house, and repeat. It was making me dizzy after a bit, but at least they were active and got some exercise. Nike kind of hung out in the middle and waited for them to drive by. Once she noticed they had moved, they were moving somewhere else.
We are still only getting two eggs a day, one from Betty and one from Aphrodite. The other girls don’t seem to be in any rush. They should all be laying except for maybe Persephone.  She is about 22 weeks old now. But, has recently started squatting for me, so maybe soon. Doris is quite old enough to be laying and should be in her prime at almost 2 years old now and Nike, well Nike is special. We’ll put it that way. I just hope Betty keeps off being broody until the others pick up the slack.

I’ve hopped on to Ms. Amy’s Barnhop :)


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