Wandering Wednesday – Rome part 1

I have had a yearning lately to return to Rome. We try to go about once a year and last year was in February. This year will not be until November and I’m wishing it was sooner. As a small respite, I am going to feature Rome and Italy in the next few Wandering Wednesdays until I get it out of my system. I’ll revisit my tropical vacation at another time.

A lot of people I have talked to can’t see past the graffiti in Rome and the annoying bureaucracy that is Italy. I accept it for what it is and love how ancient and modern live and coexist in a bustling city. I have learned in Italy more than anywhere else to accept what I cannot change and go with the flow.

Staying in an apartment let’s you adopt a neighborhood for a period of time. Each neighborhood has it’s own outdoor market, it’s own butcher, it’s own salumeria, and it’s own “egg and pasta” shop. My favorite egg and pasta shop is on the Via Po. The older gentleman behind the counter was always very helpful and gave specific directions for each pasta. He spoke slowly (my Italian gets better with each visit but is still remedial. I am also a better listener than speaker) and made sure I understood his directions each time before I left. We need to start egg and pasta shops here in America. It still wouldn’t be the same.







  1. It's fantastic that you can go annually and that you can stay long enough to really catch the flavor of Rome. Rome is high on my list of must see places. My hubby retires this fall, and I am hoping for a tour of Europe after that. My grandparents were born in Europe. I'd love to visit their birthplaces too. Until then, I am going to enjoy all of your beautiful images and stories. Thank you for sharing such beauty. Have a GREAT day.


    1. Thanks for visiting Heidi! When you decide to go to europe let me know. I'd be happy to have a talk about it and see if there's anything I can help you with.


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