Sunday I had the biggest yearning for popovers. Usually my old standby recipe is from my vintage gold covered Fannie Farmer Cookbook, but sometimes Fannie’s recipe doesn’t pop. Lately I have been having so much luck with King Arthur, I thought I would give their recipe a try. With my popover pan mysteriously missing, I went for the muffin pan which worked out fine. It was a very basic recipe, with a lot of warming ingredients before mixing, which was new to me. But, I have to say it was worth it from how successful they were. They are nice and flaky on the outside and airy with just enough dough on the inside with a good taste.



With a little butter fresh from the oven they were delicious and were all gone after Sunday meatloaf dinner.

We’ve hopped into the Homemaker Hop!


  1. Popovers always bring back memories when the kids were little. We ate them a lot back then. I think I should make them for Sunday Night Supper soon :-)


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