Where Have I Been !?!?!

Well, I had a lovely vacation.

  • I relaxed in tropical breezes under a palapa with an umbrella drink in hand.
  • Swam in the Caribbean.
  • Acquired a “sun kissed” glow for five minutes.
  • Visited Mayan ruins.
  • Saw manatees, alligators, and monkeys.

It was great! and then…….. I returned and promptly got a horrible cold which lasted a good week with a grand finale of a horrible sinus infection. TaDah!

I am not one of those people that takes drugs or antibiotics for everything. Home remedies are attempted and usually work. If that fails, books are referenced to see if there’s anything I forgot about. Our Chiropractor is also an herbalist and I will ask her for advice sometimes. Let’s just say it has to be bad to call the doctor and take drugs. All other routes had been exhausted.

Fortunately, I have a great doctor, who saw me the minute I called him. Yes that’s right. He made time to see me that day as soon as I could get there. He listened, examined and gave me some drugs and I am feeling soooooo much better. I can see straight again. Drugs are good sometimes. When properly used of course.


  1. glad to hear your feeling better

  2. That's one of the reason I hate flying anywhere. I always get sick from being on the plane. Always. Welcome home!

  3. I'm jealous about the vacation. ....not about the sinus infection :-) Hope you're feeling better.


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