Yesterday afternoon Husband and I had a big date. We went up to Menemsha on the north west side of the island and had dinner at the Galley. The Galley is great, I should have taken pictures for you. I forget sometimes. It’s a take out place with all sorts of good food at reasonable prices and you can sit on their back porch and enjoy your meal with a view of the inner harbor. It’s covered in case it rains and they have pocket windows that tuck into the sills for colder and windy days. It was eerily quiet for an August afternoon and they had taken the awning off the front of the building in preparation for Irene. 

After dinner we got some soft serve and drove even further up island to Squibnocket Beach. Squibnocket, or Squibby as some call it, is on the south shore. This is where some of the surfers go and it is known for good waves when there is a storm to the south. It is a town resident only beach and is manned until 5pm. We just happened to arrive at 5:08 :) and got a parking spot facing the water. This is a great place for surf watching. You can sit in your car to watch the waves and the surfers without getting wet if it’s raining. The parking area is built out of cement up on top of a rock bulkhead so usually you are above the waves and have a nice view.

There were about seven surfers out and the big waves were coming in groups. There would be about five minutes of little waves and then a group of big ones. I got some pictures but it was raining and a little hazy so please excuse the quality.  

p1020129 (2)

p1020131 (2)

p1020132 (2)

It looks dreary but it was quite a happening. The lot was full of vehicles, half with surfboards on board. And there was a parade of cars in and out. People were hanging out sitting on the wall or a rock, leaning on a car chatting and having a cold beverage while watching the surf. Kids were running to and fro giggling and throwing rocks in the water and marveling at the waves. At about 6:15 the waves decided to visit the parking lot with a splash. One poor granma got soaked by the first wave. She laughed it off, but they moved quickly. The tide was coming in. After a few more minutes we saw this was going to be a trend and left for home before the waves got much worse. We have four wheel drive but no one wants salt water all over the car if you can avoid it.

This morning the gusty breezes started about 3am. Well that’s when it woke me up. It has gotten a little breezier since. But, that’s it. Just a gusty breeze. Some smaller branches have fallen off the trees and there are leaves in the street. Nothing big. I am roasting a fresh chicken I got yesterday now just in case it gets worse and we have no power later. Also the windows are open so it wont get as hot in the house doing it now instead of later.

Husband has gone to work. The island bus system is still running. The ferries are not running and have all been hunkered down in New Bedford except for one they left behind. The chickens are hanging out in the house. It’s quiet. 


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