Little Gaia started out as a normal adorable Speckled Sussex chick. But, as she has grown  she has had some issues. She seems to be tired at the drop of a hat. She has almost always squinted at you. There is nothing in her eyes. They are clear and she can see you. No puss, not goo, no sneezing. It’s just the way she is. And as she has grown, her head seems to have stopped while her body has continued. Her feathering is not smooth, it’s rough and uneven. She’s just……….special.


Well I think her specialness has caught up with her. Today she was downright lethargic. I gave them all vitamins in the water hoping that would give her a little boost. She drank and ate heartily. She always does. I haven’t separated her out. I believe that this is genetic not any kind of virus. If it was, the other girls would’ve gotten it long ago. There is no sign of worms and only a couple of lice I saw. I did give her a DE dusting just in case. It couldn’t hurt. Poor Gaia. She’s such a sweet little girl. I hope she rallies.


  1. Oh the poor girl. I love Speckled Sussex. She looks like a doll. She is lucky to be with you. If she wasn't she may not have lasted this long. I hope you make it through the storm, you have been in my thoughts. Here is hoping Irene takes a big turn out to sea.


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