Ok it’s one coyote and it’s on the other side of the island. According to the local paper, there have been confirmed sightings by a local farmer of an actual coyote here on Martha’s Vineyard.

This would be a first. We don’t have them here. The question is then how did it get here? And does it have any friends? It’s a long swim. Skunks were brought here as a joke and are now prolific and a pest. I hope that no one would do that with a coyote.

Raccoons are the biggest wild predator we have. They can take out a chicken coop but, not a herd of sheep or the family dog or cat. Then again maybe the new guy will take care of some of the turkey population. Or maybe he could do something about all the rabbits carrying Pneumonic Tularemia. Yes it’s an actual disease. Probably not. He will go for the sheep and the other small farm animals and that is what everyone is worried about. Let’s hope he is alone and does not go forth and multiply. 


  1. Wow, pretty amazing! Sorry to hear :( Keep your girls safe. I wonder if they will let anyone trap it?

  2. Good luck. We have Coyote, fox and fisher cats. There is a coyote that we have seen in the winter with no tail. Reminds me of The Fantastic Mr. Fox book/movie. Anywho... we have not had problems yet with our chickens(knock on wood) One thing I had heard is to spread dog hair around the coop. We have a dog. She is tied when she is out, but when I brush her I will put the clumps of fur around the coop.


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