The Well is Dry

I went to the farm that we purchase our raw milk from Sunday and there was no milk and a sign. “No milk until late September. Please call if you have any questions.” I do have a question. Where is the milk? I guess I should call. But then will that make milk appear? Probably not. I don’t want to be a bother. There’s probably a perfectly good reason. They are good people and this is a major part of their livelihood. There is another farm that is new and says they pasteurize their milk but it is still raw. I disagree. It is not raw. You killed all the good bacteria with the bad and now it’s dead.

Commercial pasteurized homogenized milk effects my digestion in a negative way we will say. The raw milk does not effect me in the same ways. Especially when it’s really fresh. If it’s within a week old it doesn’t effect me at all. Husband has similar issues. As it get’s older it creates some gas issues, but nothing like the commercial milk. So we go through about a half gallon a week. Cereal, coffee, scrambled eggs generally.

I will have to ask around and see if I can find somewhere else to supplement.  Nowhere else is licensed by the state on the island for raw milk. I do know some people with cows. Then I will have to find out their milking process and how they handle the milk. How soon they refrigerate. Handling is so important. hmm…


  1. Good luck...we get our milk delivered from a milk man. It comes in glass bottles but not raw. The glass keeps it so nice and cold. I also like to think we have done our share in saving the world from a tone of plastic milk jugs at the rate my house goes through milk. I hope you find some milk or will you be expanding your flock to include your own milk cow? :)

  2. I would love to have our own cow! Unfortunately we don't have enough room. The milk we usually get comes in glass bottles too. They have started supplementing with plastic though. I think it was just for the summer.

  3. How frustrating! Not sure where else you can find it there.....Good luck! P.S. how are your girls doing in the heat??

  4. The little ones slept out on the run roost last night. I don't know if it was the heat or Betty being crabby because of the heat wouldn't let them in. They are back in the usual spots tonight.


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