The Calm


The Atlantic Ocean this morning on the north side of the island is like glass.

P1020121 (2)

I suspect the south side is different because I have seen a lot of surfboards heading in that direction. It’s the kind of dark haze where it’s hard to tell where the ocean begins and the sky ends. It’s beautiful to me. This is one of the reasons I love living here. The view changes everyday but it’s always a beautiful one. Even with a storm coming.

They are running extra ferries so all the people that want to make a run for it evacuate can. It has made it quiet here which is a rare thing in August. It’s not quite winter traffic but, it’s not hectic and all the hostility seems to have lifted. I think the storm is not going to be that bad for us. But, we will see. 

P1020125 (3)


  1. Oh, stay safe! Thinking about you and your flock!


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