Ag Fair Time

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It’s a busy time of year here on the island.  This week alone is filled with many end of the summer events. But, I was able to fit in a visit to the first day of the fair yesterday. It was dusk so please excuse  the lighting in some of the pictures.
My first stop was the fair hall. This is where you can see all the items people bring in for competition. I like to see who won ribbons and who didn’t for what. My achievements were thin this year. My socks lost blue ribbon to a pair of faire isle socks which were fabulous. I didn’t mind a second place to them, they deserved it. I love that the knitting judges leave you a note on your entry tag. I got a “nice job”. A friend got a “pattern off”. It helps understand why the judges made their decisions. My dill spears got an honorable mention ribbon. Maybe if they tasted them they would have done better. The judges don’t taste the preserves or pickles and sometimes it’s frustrating. It’s a visual judging only and again the ones that won did look nicer.
After viewing all the prizes, I moved on to the animals. I love to see other people’s chickens and the large animal we can’t keep. On the way, there was a young man exercising his horses in the ring. I like the cup holder in the back.
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Next to the ring is the fiber tent and the sheep shearing and herding demonstration area.
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The chickens in the livestock barn were being uncooperative when it came to picture time. Some of the other animals were much better.
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To finish off the evening, I watched the Flying Wallendas. They’ve never been here before and were very entertaining followed by some dinner of local smoked chicken with tomato and corn salad. It got too dark for pictures before the Wallendas took to the high wire. But, I got some juggling and clown antics before the sun went down.
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The fair is on until Sunday. Tonight are the fireworks in Oak Bluffs. Let’s see anything else going on……Oh yeah the president is here. He usually keeps to himself. I just wish his helicopters wouldn’t fly over my house and scare the chickens. There are a few a day. I assume they are cabinet members and such. Last night there was one at 10:30pm just as I was drifting off to sleep. Thump thump thump thump. How long until September?


  1. What a fun day! So glad to hear that you won second place and also an honorable mention! You're a winner to me :)


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