I Found Raw Milk!

As many of you may know, earlier this month my regular raw milk provider, Mermaid Farm, stopped selling their raw milk. I found out later at the farmer’s market that their girls were slowing down production and they only had enough for making feta and yogurt. They anticipated an increase in production in late September. This was very disappointing due to how my digestive system reacts to pasteurized homogenized milk. I have been getting by with tiny amounts of organic half and half in my coffee and no cereal or other milk including items since.

The other day I got good news. There is another local farm called Grey Barn that I knew sold pasteurized milk. Well they have now been certified by the state to sell raw milk at the farm only. Which is how the state law goes anyway. No raw milk can be sold off farm for instance at the farmer market. You have to visit the farm. So I went to visit but didn’t make it in. The President is staying next door and the Grey Barn farm and Blue Heron Farm (which is the President’s summer rental) share a drive. So when I got there the Secret Service had a checkpoint and the State Police were there. It was a big to do and quite intimidating. I will return when they have left. Which should be soon hopefully. So close and yet so far.  


  1. Yay! For the milk. Crazy about the President, I thought he had left already. Seems like he is taking an awfully long vacation on our tax dollars! Yikes, well, maybe he want to experience a New England hurricane:)

  2. Fortunately he left last night, so when I went to the farmer's market this morning I was able to stop by. It's a nice looking farm and they have a great chicken coop. I may have to come back for one of the farm tours they have on Thursdays.

  3. Great news! Next time I'm out your way, I'd love to meet and maybe, if you let me...feature you as one of our Tour de Coops! Stay safe! Yay for raw milk and the Thursday Farm tours. How fun!


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