The Winter Farmer’s Market

I know it’s not winter yet. But, that’s what they call it. Maybe they just need to call it the “Off Season Farmer’s Market” or OSFM. Sounds a little better. Doesn’t cause immediate visions of in the head of snow and trudging in mud. OK it has now been dubbed the OSFM. Whatever you want to call it, it is held at the “new” agricultural hall at the fairgrounds. Though it’s not really new new anymore. But it will be called the “new” ag hall until they build an even newer one. In any case it’s one of my favorite buildings.

P1020461 (2) 

It’s big and multifunctional the front section has a big kitchen, offices, and restrooms on either side of a white walled great hall of sorts with the centerpiece on the front facing wall of a large beautiful useable fireplace. On either side of the fireplace is a doorway into the back cross room that looks like a big barn with bare wood and timbers. It’s a warm and welcoming place. On cold OSFM days they light the fire and people line the benches in the front room drinking hot chocolate, coffee, and warm cider. Chatting away a Saturday morning catching up with their neighbors now that they have the time.

On warmer days like this weekend they throw the doors wide and let the breeze come through and people catch up sitting on the front porch absorbing the fall sunshine.

P1020461 (4) 

I love these ladies hanging on the front porch. Their dogs were having a great time playing together. During the fair the front porch has rows of benches on it to sit and hang out on. It is the meeting place for families and a place for elders to rest and watch the goings on.

They have horse shows, and artisan festivals on a regular basis here at the fairgrounds in addition to the OSFM. There are also once a year events such as the fair and the harvest festival. There are two large barns to the left past the show ring and the pull ring. They want to develop a animal processing center on the property as well which would be a great thing for the island meat farmers. It would make processing animals so much less stressful for farmers and animals not to include a boat ride and a long trailer ride.

The OSFM had a plethora of great fall veggies. I took home carrots, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and turnips! ( I love turnips ). I was looking for broccoli too, but I didn’t see any good looking ones. Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures of my veggies.  Maybe next time.


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