The Inside Girls

The chickens tend to take center stage around here, but there are also two inside girls that have been around forever that should be introduced. Please say hello to Ava and ZsaZsa!



Ava’s Favorite Position





Yeah ZsaZsa is easily distracted. But, if you have food……

dscf1981 (2)  She is there!

Ava and ZsaZsa are sisters that we adopted from the MSPCA a few years ago when they were kittens. They were really attached to each other, but nobody wanted to adopt them together until we came along.

ZsaZsa is more cuddly than Ava. She loves you to pick her up and carry her about and pet her. She’ll sit on your lap or right next to you on the couch. If she is feeling neglected she’ll weave in and out of your legs until you pay some attention to her. Ava has a discreet way of showing affection. She’ll curl up by your feet or on the back of the couch right behind you and start purring. If you pick her up she’ll start mewing like your torturing her. Ava loves to sleep right on the rug next to my side of the bed. I have to be careful getting up in the middle of the night and feel with my feet for a warm furry body first. Until about 6am when she will sneak onto the bed and curl up by my head or right up against my back like a furry purring heating pad. 

We lived on a busy street and moved to another busy street so they are indoor cats, but we leash trained them from a young age so they could go outside once in a while supervised. We let them in the front yard while the chickens territory is the back.They get so excited when they see the leashes. But usually decide it’s time to go back in after a half hour or so. Spoiled divas the both of them.


  1. Those cute faces let them get away with alot. Thanks for visiting :)


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