These Hands

Hello everyone. I know I haven’t been around lately and I apologize. It’s amazing how much you can take advantage of something you use every day and almost every minute until it decides not to work anymore. Over the last month or so the joints in my hands have decided they do not like to do anything. Sewing, knitting, typing,….shucking. After my last post my hands hurt and were stiff for days. This was the last straw. I am still quite young. In my mid-thirties. This isn’t supposed to even start to happen until at least fifty. (In my opinion anyway) I gave in and called the doctor. It takes a lot for me to call the doctor. We are working on it together, he took some tests, and he has referred my to a specialist. He also prescribed some pain relief so there should be a pick up in the frequency of posts. I have so much to share with you. The baby chick has gotten so big. We took a little trip to Vermont. The winter farmer’s market starts today! Yay!   


  1. If you need a good specialist let me know. Email me. We are in the medical field.

  2. Spent the last couple hours poring over your post! loved them all, including the wandering wednesday pics. Glad I found you there is a lot of inspiration here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Dutchgirl. Wandering Wednesday will return tommorrow. It's been away for a bit. You may like it, I just finished it. It is in the Netherlands this time. :)


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