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It’s that time of year. Most of my girls are heritage breeds or mixes of heritage breeds. Which means they are more likely to go broody and they take a break from laying in the fall. Even if that means they haven’t started yet it seams. No one is laying. They don’t seam interested. There just hangin out, eatin, cluckin, and poopin. The only one doing any work is Betty. She has been tirelessly bringing up her baby. This one hasn’t been quite as bad as the last one and we are hoping she is a girl so we can keep her. The lavender Orpington is tough to determine until a little later. Though she looks like a girl to me, it may just be wishful thinking.

P1020420 P1020424

Doris is molting and looks horrible, but has decided to pitch in on the raising efforts and has been calling the baby over for treats. I’m happy that she has accepted the baby as part of the family.

P1020382 P1020383

The others are just hangin out. I keep looking for eggs. Last winter there were no eggs from November to January. Looks like it may be that way again. If things change, I would be very excited. Or is that eggcited?



  1. That baby is precious! Fingers crossed she is a girl. Our hens are 19 weeks today, black stars and RI reds. Hoping for eggs but time will tell when they will start.


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