Saturday, October 6, 2012


I really do love the bay scallop. Each one is like a little scrumptious jewel. Every year I wait with eager anticipation for our first outing to harvest them. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. So when the day finally came this morning, I made sure I was prepared and laid a tarp in the back of our 4wd vehicle and stocked it with my waders, basket, peepsight, scallop net,  shucking knife, plastic container, and a change of dry clothes and set off with my scalloping buddy for Cape Pogue. You can see bing has spelt Pogue wrong. It actually just depends on who you ask.

Map picture

It was such a beautiful day today! The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze when we got to our spot about an hour before low tide, which eventually turned into a stiff breeze causing a bit of a troublesome chop by the time we were done. Towing my peepsight and basket I waded in to my favorite spot and started gathering my bounty. The scallops this year were not big, but big enough and plentiful enough to harvest and eat. P1050443(1) 

It’s so peaceful out on the water. It’s quiet save for a motor boat once in a while. You can hear the birds and looking through the peepsight is like a window on another world. I tried to get a view through the peepsight. Especially of the little school of fish that were following me the whole time I was out there. It was a little difficult with the movement and the glare. See any scallops? I see four maybe five :)



It didn’t take us too long to get our limit and we set off to my friends house to shuck our haul. It took us quite a while to shuck and I was exhausted by the time I got home. I rinsed the salt off of all of my equipment and the car. Brought some to granma and then took a nap. My reward was dinner…

P1050456 Lightly tossed in breadcrumbs and quickly sautéed at high heat just to sear the outsides.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our trip today. For more information on scalloping please check out last year’s post :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Going Scalloping!

Scallop season started Monday. Because I have to work for a living during the week, I’m going tomorrow. Can’t wait to get some of these guys! Yum! You can just hear them. “clackety clack clackety clack”


Monday, October 1, 2012

Beach Plum Jelly


The beach plums were plentiful this year. Unfortunately, I only got out once to pick and left the camera at home. So we get to see the final product.

Beach plum jelly is a staple here. It’s goes great with fish, pork, lamb. Or if your my husband, alone in a sandwich or on toast.

As with most local specialties, everyone’s great great grandmother, nona, granma, mother, aunt, cousin has a different recipe. Pectin or no pectin? Sugar? What’s the ratio for sugar to juice? How do you make the juice? How much water do you use? Or the biggest controversy …..squeeze the last of the juice out of the berries or don’t squeeze?!?! (It is said that squeezing will make the jelly cloudy)

That’s no help when your looking for a tried and true recipe. So with no consistent guidance from the women in this community or local cookbooks, by trial and error, I have combined my favorite parts of all those questions and come out with a jelly my husband approves of (which is the most important critic). Not to sweet, still a bit tart, good jell texture, and (mostly) clear ;)

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