Chicken Chat – All Aboard the Broody Train

Well Betty has joined crazy Doris on the Broody Train. The signs were there last week. It’s just fully developed now. At least they are sharing the box in a civilized manner most of the time.


This morning, everybody piled in for laying time until they kicked Doris out who sat right outside the box waiting to go back in. Percy is having a hard time dealing with it. She’s used to being the center of attention with Betty and sitting next to her on the roost. She seems confused about the whole thing.

I must admit that I have been seeing everyone else’s chicks and the cuteness has been overwhelming. Your all such enablers. I have broken down and ordered some eggs for Betty from the same farm we got Percy’s egg. The farm is NPIP certified and I have requested a copy of their certificate to show to the the inspector in July when she comes to the island if anyone hatches. Doris was so great being an aunt to Percy, I am hoping that she will be helpful to Betty. Some animals and people just make better aunts than mothers. 


  1. What are the signs you noticed that led to her broodiness? I have one also that I think is broody. She hisses and won't move off the nest. She took 6 eggs we gave her readily. I've got my fingers crossed.

    1. Well it starts with the occasional broody clucking. Bent down puffed up bok bok bok.
      Then they start yelling at everyone and just seem to have pms.
      Then they spend a little longer each day in the nest box. Until its overnight. And then never leaving and shreaking like a pteridactyl at anyone who comes close.
      COngratulations! Sounds like you have a broody :)


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