So, I’ve calmed down a bit and can now look at pictures and talk about her without crying. I miss her yelling in the morning. It’s very quiet. I’m sure the neighbors appreciate it.

She was fine Friday. Her regular perky self. I went off island for a family thing and returned late Saturday afternoon to find her in the corner of the house sitting like she was trying to lay an egg.(The big girls are getting crabbier in broodyland) Nike was standing over her harassing her. So I kicked Nike out. But she kept coming back and Persy seemed to be distressed, like perhaps this had been going on for a while. So I moved Persy to a crate in the basement, gave her some food and vitamin enhanced water and thought she would lay her egg and I would then let her out in the morning.

In the morning, she was the same. Seemed to be having a hard time laying. There was nothing outwardly wrong with her. They went through a dusting series a couple of weeks ago. No bugs, No odd lumps, no weird secretions, and she was not underweight. She was alert, just sitting. So I left her there thinking the quiet and peaceful area was probably the best place for her to be calm and relax to lay the egg that was giving her such trouble. She had gone to the bathroom overnight, so I knew those things were working. The poop looked normal.

I went to the Sunday market to have my table, and when I returned Husband was in the backyard. Eager to check on her, I didn’t go in the house but made beeline to see Persy. I asked Husband how she was and he looked at the shovel he was holding and said not good. He had found her in the crate when he got home about an hour earlier dead and had already buried her. It was too quick.

Persy was the first girl Betty hatched that we kept. I saw her start from a regular egg to hatch and eventually lay her own. I know chickens are fragile and know these things happen. I just feel like a bad chicken mom that I couldn’t save her or didn’t see something. As an extreme precaution, I have put the other girls on antibiotics for a few days. If  it wasn’t an egg issue and it was something else, I don’t want to loose anyone else. Poor Persy.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Our hens have such an impact on us.....I hope you find comfort in knowing how well cared and loved Persy was!

    1. Maryann, Thank you for your kind and comforting comment.

  2. It is so much harder when they are taken from us quickly. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. I know how special she was to you and how much you loved her.


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