Sunday, September 30, 2012

It’s Raining


  It’s been raining for a few days now. The girls blame me. They yell at me from the dry safety of their covered run.

“Why did you make it so wet?!?!”

“Why won’t you let us out?!?!?!”

Well they were making such a racket this morning, I just opened the run door. It was pouring. They went running out like they had been trapped for eons. (The covered run is quite spacious. 6’ X 10’ two levels with house. Lots of places to perch. Not a cramped crate by any means)

The quiet didn’t last too long. They were now wet. There was water being thrown at them from the sky. They didn’t like that either. They ran back in the run and started preening and yelling again. Well the big girls were. When I went out to check on them. Freya and Hildy were hiding under a patio chair. Freya was yelling from there. Hildy doesn’t yell, she makes a squeaky squeal noise. The big girls were too close to the run door for them to feel safe going back in. I went out there and threw some sunflower seeds in the far corner distracting the big girls so I could herd the younger ones back in the run. The quiet of the sunflower seeds lasted all of five minutes. The yelling then resumed. I gave up.

It should stop raining this afternoon sometime.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chicken Chat - Signs


Betty was caught randomly shrieking like a pterodactyl today at the other girls. Hark! Is that the low far off moan of the broody train I hear? This is how it starts. If I am correct it will be followed in a couple of days by puffed up crazy lady clucking.

I’m a bit sad because she lays such large beautiful dark brown eggs. One every single day. She’s only been laying them for a short time now after weaning off Hildy and Freya. Well we’ll see if anything develops.   

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Stinkeye

P1050303(2) Doris is a professional
Stinkeye – To give the stinkeye is the chicken act of staring you down with the “Don’t mess with me lady!” vibe. If a look could kill, it would. It especially happens when a hen may be broody or a certain hen may be sick of having their picture taken that day. It can also happen when the treats are not doled out quite fast enough to satisfy said hen.
P1000369Betty in Broodyland
*I am soooo busy prepping for the Annual Rotary Craft and Antique Fair on Saturday and Sunday at the Falmouth Marine Park from 8-4 both days. Regular posts should resume Monday :) * 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chicken Chat – The New Girls

The babies Betty hatched in the Spring are sprouting up. Two of them were boys and had to be sent to the “rooster sanctuary”. So the two girls that got to stay are now 14 weeks old or so and they have received their names. This year we went with a Norse theme. I would like to introduce you to Brunhilda (aka Hildy) and Freya.

Hildy is a Black Cochin. She will hopefully be Betty’s size when she is full grown. Her brother was enormous when he went off the the “sanctuary” a couple of weeks ago. She’s going to be a big round ball of fluff. Right now she’s a small round ball of fluff. I love her little pantaloon feet.


Freya is a Black Laced Red Wyandotte. Her brother was blue. She is my only chicken with yellow legs. I never really realized that I didn’t have any yellow legged chickens until she and her brother showed up. She looks a little roo like at this point, it’s a good thing we had her brother to compare to.


I don’t expect to see any eggs from them until February or so. You never know though, they may surprise me. They are both going through that flighty teenage phase when they don’t want to listen or go back in the house. I can’t wait until they are adults and calm down a bit.

Betty stopped mothering them at about 9 weeks. Motherhood turned off like a switch and the next day she layed an egg. It was tough on them. One day mom wanted to cuddle and the next she acted like they were strangers and was pecking them. They have adjusted however. Right now they are at the bottom of the pecking order. At least they have each other. But, I think Freya is going to give Betty a run for head hen when she gets older. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cream Puffs at King Arthur Flour

On the quest to always learn something new, my sister and I recently took the trip to King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont to attend a cream puff and ├ęclair class. It was held in the new baking education center which is part of a new complex that is all under one roof which also includes a nice store and cozy cafe. We had a great time. I found out that they are a lot more involved than I had originally thought. What I really love about the classes at the KAF is that they teach you the science behind the recipe. They help you understand why it comes out the way it does and if it doesn’t what may have happened.





Hungry yet? They were delicious :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Summer Sight

I honestly meant to return on September 1st. Obviously that plan didn’t work. Summer was really hectic. We start the great return with some island scenes of summer. The sailing ships Shenandoah (black one) and Alabama (white one) with sails billowing and full heading out of Vineyard Haven harbor. They are sisters, but rarely go out together.




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