A Knitting Confession

I am a yarn snob. Yep. It’s true. I’ll only knit with natural fibers. Acrylic is squeaky when you knit with it and I really just can’t stand it. This presents an issue when knitting Christmas gifts and the sister can’t stand wool on her skin. Any wool. Even cashmere. Nope. Makes her itchy. She’s hard to buy for, but she loves a good scarf.
Soooo…. I just HAD to splurge and get the soft and luxurious Lorna’s Laces Bamboo Silk called Pearl. 
p1020965 (2)
And knit her a lovely scarf. It’s called “Old Shale Scarf” by Tiennie on Ravelry. My sister doesn’t really know about this blog so I can show it to you. Even if she did, she would act surprised anyway. Don’t tell her though :)P1020964
It’s not a complicated pattern. Easy and knits up quick, but looks hard. This yarn is shiny, soft, and the knitted fabric drapes beautifully. It has great stitch definition too. I hate when you take the time to knit something detailed and it just gets fuzzy the detail disappears.
p1020961 (2)
In addition to the scarf, I have knit a hat for Husband. It was his one request. When he asks for something handmade, I jump to it. He doesn’t ask often.  I used a lovely soft merino blend from the stash. It lost it’s label long ago so I have no idea where it came from. I made up the pattern. Just a 100 stitches in a 3 X 2 rib. Long enough to cover the ears and try not to make a pointy reduction.
He’s seen the finished product and he loves it. He wouldn’t let me take his picture in it though. 

An update on yesterday’s snow post. We didn’t even get a dusting. Tilly’s Nest over on the Cape got a good dusting and blogged about it today. I love snow. Maybe next time.


  1. I love your header and can hardly wait to go through your older posts. I too am a Massachusetts native, who has begged relentlessly for a chicken coop. I have read at least 10 books on chicken keeping. Keep your fingers cross for a springtime coop to grace my backyard.

  2. Your projects looks absolutely wonderful! I love the pattern of the scarf and the color....I'm sure she will be happy to receive it!


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