More Winter Visitors

I happened to be driving by the park the other day and it was full of geese. And not just Canada Geese, but the Brants are here too. Brants tend to flock and blend in with the Canadians and it’s usually not until a second look that you recognize something’s a little different. Brants summer and breed in the northern tundra of Canada and winter along the New England Coast and down as far south as Washington DC.


P1020945 (2)

Brants with the Canada Geese (Oh and some straggler seagulls).


Staying with the goose visitor theme of this thread, I found this guy hanging with the mallards in the pond in West Tisbury yesterday.   

P1020957 I think he’s a domestic Chinese goose from what I could find on the internet. I’ve never seen him around before. He wasn’t in my wild bird book and  has the prettiest feathering. I guess having chickens has given me an appreciation for other birds’ plumage. All the mallards are following him around the pond like he’s the pied piper. Honkin along asking for treats from anyone that passes by. He’s very persistent. 


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