Molting Betty

Betty has been going though a molt. I believe it’s a stress induced molt because she had one over the summer and we had a traumatic incident here a few weeks ago. The house is covered in black feathers. So far it only seems to be effecting her head down to her chest. See her fuzzy down chest feathers. They stick out more when her crop is full. It looks like she swallowed a bocce ball. Her hiney seems to be staying fully feathered.
Her head is looking a little like Moe in Three Stooges with her little black tuft growing back in faster than the other feathers right at the back of her head. 
I know once she fills back in completely, she is going to lay all of two eggs and then promptly go broody. That’s ok with me. At this point we need more chickens if we ever want more eggs. I prefer to use the broody method to any other method of integration of new chickens and Betty is a wonderful chicken momma. 


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  1. Betty is a beauty. About half of my ladies are going through their first molt now too. My top hen Blackberry reminds me of your Betty. None of my hens are broody. I have a few that will sit on eggs for an hour or two, but then they lose interest. Someday maybe.


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