Wandering Wednesday – Messina, Sicily

Messina is in the northeast corner of the Island of Sicily and is primarily a fishing and shipping port and the gateway to the rest of Sicily by way of ferry from mainland of Italy. There is a fascinating automaton clock tower in the main square that shows a great production at noon each day. The lion roars and waves his flag, the rooster crows while flapping his wings, the bells ring, and the apostles bow there devotion while the music plays Ave Maria. It’s very moving. Speaking of Maria, Mary is the patron saint of the city. They call her the Lady of the Letter. It roots from a letter she sent to the people of Messina that was tied with a lock of her hair promising her protection. She signed the letter “I bless you and your city” which is written on the bottom of a statue of Mary holding the letter at the entrance of the harbor.






I hope you’ve enjoyed our Wandering Wednesday today :)


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