Spring Cleaning

I’m pooped!

We use the deep litter method in the coop and run. Today was Spring cleaning day. I shoveled out all the dirt and shavings, about 3” deep. I cleaned the ramp and made sure the stump at the bottom of the ramp was cleaned. It took two trips with full tarps to the compost pile. Where the girls promptly ran over and spread it out for me.

When the run was empty, I spread the diatomaceous earth (DE) on the ground and then emptied all of the shavings from the house into the run and spread them out. Then added another layer of DE. The floor of the house then got a healthy dose of DE and some fresh shavings.

We then gave all the girls a dusting with the poultry dust when Husband got home and before returning them to the coop. The DE keeps the fly population down, but the poultry lice seem immune to it after our experience with Nike last year. We have a system, Husband holds them in the empty tub and I sprinkle and rub. It’s usually a bit of a struggle, which is why I wait until the two of us can do it together. Betty, who I thought was going to be the most difficult today, just squatted in the tub for us no problem. Sometimes they surprise us.

Our run is only 6’ x 10’ I can’t imagine the work involved in a bigger one. I’m gonna feel it tomorrow.



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