The Veggie Garden Begins

This time of year is the only time that the garden area gets sun. Forget tomatoes or squash, in spring we get peas and broccoli in before the shade moves in and we have to stick to greens the rest of the summer. They grow best in the shade. Husband is sick of bok choi by August. Anywho, the peas and broccoli seedlings were planted last week and they are doing great do far.


I also threw in some arugula here and there. It’s a tiny garden. The chickens look longingly through the fence when they think I am not looking. The beautiful compost is a gift from them. Next year’s compost is developing in the background :)


We will follow along as they hopefully grow into full plants and food. They’ve already started to grow and nobody died in transplant so we are crossing our fingers :)


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