Wandering Wednesday – Calcata, Italy

Wow, it’s Wednesday already. This Wandering Wednesday we travel a bit outside of Rome to the fortified hill town of Calcata. In the 1930s the government decided that the tufa stone the town sat on wasn’t stable, so they condemned the whole town and moved everyone out to the town of “New Calcata”. In the 1960s artists started moving in despite the stated dangers and created an artists community. Eventually the government changed their mind and lifted the condemnation and it is now a thriving artistic eclectic community. There is one entrance through a great gate and up a hill. Most vehicles can not fit through and you have to walk into town. Please join me for a wander through the narrow streets and alleyways of Calcata, Italy.

p1000230 (2)  

p1000231 (2)

p1000237 (3)

p1000235 (2)


    p1000241 (2)

p1000242 (2)


I want to have breakfast there every morning. Hope you’ve enjoyed our Wandering Wednesday :)


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