Annual Rotary Flea

Last weekend I went to the annual South Eastern Rotary Flea Market. I have gone almost every year since I was a little girl. It is held at the Marshfield Fairgrounds and you can find anything there. Including something you have been looking for months or years for. You just have to look hard enough. One stall had the light up wise men from a lawn manger scene. Three rows over were Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. I really hope someone reunited them.

I spent three hours there and walked through twice. Something cool could have been missed the first time. I’m a big collector of cake plates and have been ever since my first apartment. There are strict rules to the cake plate collection. No cake plate over $20 and even that much needs to be special. I didn’t find any to add to the collection this time around, but it was still a very successful day and all for under $20 total.

Egg Scale woo!

p1020332 (2)

p1020333 (2)

I finally found an affordable egg scale! The search has seemed endless. They are always so expensive on ebay and even at Brimfield in the spring someone wanted $32 for the one I found and it was much rustier. This one…….$7. She wanted $10. It would’ve been a good price then, but you have to haggle a little.

Pyrex Butterprint 401

p1020338 (2)

Yep. I’m a turquoise pyrex collector. Butterprint, Snowflakes, solid Turquoise. As long as they are in good condition and within budget, they usually come home with me. Cost $4 marked $5.

My last purchase was a wooden crate used for cranberries for Ocean Spray. It was perfect for keeping firewood in next to the fireplace and had a local touch. Cranberries are a big crop in southeastern MA. I used to love to visit cranberry world in Plymouth when I was a kid. The crate is much better than the cardboard box we were using. $6 she wanted $8.

All in all a successful flea!


  1. Great finds! I love the thrill of the hunt just as much! Thanks for sharing.


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