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Husband and I spent the day yesterday at the Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA. It was a warm day but the sun stayed away which was good since I forgot my sunbrella and I am so fair skinned. We started the day picking apples. We were sent by the elder of the farm to the farthest orchard called the Bog Orchard. Probably because we looked like young people that could handle the walk. It was great we were the only ones out there. We picked Macintoshes and Gravensteins. I love the Mac but it was still a little early and the apples didn’t want to leave the trees. The proper way to pick an apple is to give it a little tug. If it is ripe it will go home with you happily, if it is not it will want to stay and you should let it. We did find enough though. We got over 20 pounds of apples. I forgot the camera in the car. Picture a lovely hillside small orchard that hasn’t been mowed all summer and filled with wild mint so walking through the apple trees in the tall grass looking for apples all you can smell is the mixing aromas of apples and mint. aaahhhhh

After apple picking we lugged the apples back the car and hit the barbeque pit for burgers and cream sodas.

p1020172 (2) After lunch we went peach picking. This time I remembered my camera. The peaches were beautiful, but you have to be careful picking them. Peaches bruise so easily.


P1020169 We picked almost 23 pounds of peaches of which I have already started the water to make peach preserves and of course I will share that with you when it’s finished. We were quite sticky from peach picking and hit the wash up sink and checked out the farm animals before heading home. The chickens were shy this time around and no one wanted their pictures taken. It was a long day, but we got so much fruit. Now to get to work using it.

p1020173 (2)


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  1. Oh to have peaches like that around here!! You've got work ahead of you :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing. It looks like so much fun!


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